Air-One Ultrasound-Inhaler

Early discovery of the problem
Diseases of the respiratory tract are – after colics – the second largest form of interior diseases horses suffer from. Especially during the cold months of the year, stables are full of coughing and snorting sounds. The cause for a horses cough vary: low quality feeds, dust allergies or infectious

A coughing horse must see the Vet by all means, to clarify cause and degree of the illness. Afterwards, a therapy using the air-one-Ultrasound-inhaler can be applied immediately.

Successful and effi cient cure
The ultrasound-inhaler is the only effi cient method to cure diseases of the respiratory tract successfully. All other therapies have proved to fail in the end. Medications are properly atomised, reaching not only the bronchi but all bronchial tubes including the Alveola. Extensive studies and research have made sure of this fact numerous times.

Veterinarians and veterinary clinics recommend the aerosol-therapy because of its undoubted efficiency.

Forget all you have seen before!
Air-one is setting new patterns now since this inhaler was especially developed for horses. The latest technical acquisitions were considered. This is no modifi ed human medicine product.

You can count on the experience of Neu-Tec and Rheintechnik HK. The Rheintechnik group developes and produces ultrasound-inhalers since 1977. The air-one combines many carefully adjusted components in detail. It is a quality product suitable for the highest demands.

Convincing advantages:

  • perfect atomisation
  • smallest particle size during permanent operation
  • easy to use
  • clear-cut design
  • water resistant
  • shockproof body
  • wall fixtures
  • coin-operated locker accessory
  • transparent mask
  • snug fit
  • special ventilation
  • easy to clean
  • replacable valves
  • safety socket
  • infinitely variable air system
  • safety tested